Simplify searching
for information

Make it easy for your users to quickly find answers to their questions with our dynamic FAQ program. They can use this self-service tool to easily search at any time, on any device.

The FAQ search field automatically suggests questions and an online help page displays all of the most frequently asked questions.

More than 80% of user questions can be answered automatically.

As a result, your customer service team can focus on questions with added value.

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Improve customer experience with self-service tools

Available 24/7, the search bar allows users to easily find information on your site. The most frequently asked questions can also appear in the search.
Our natural language processing engine analyses the user’s question and uses a matching algorithm and the knowledge base to provide an answer to that question. The tool can also aggregate results from several search engines.

Since the FAQ is connected to your CRM, customers can even receive personalised answers.
Customer satisfaction is measured through a survey after the search is complete.

The conversation can be escalated to a live chat if the question needs to be handled by a person.

Coupled with a static FAQ, you are helping improve your SEO.

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monitor and optimise performance

Do You Dream Up’s Dynamic FAQ uses an intuitive back office where you can:

  • Manage knowledge base content through a validation workflow
  • Analyse customer questions, particularly those that are not answered
  • Benefit from the tool’s self-learning features: automatic suggestions for improvement based on customer interactions
  • Use statistics and alerts to control the efficiency of the tool and implement corrective actions
  • Measure the change in matching rate and user satisfaction rate

implementation of
search bar

Six weeks process

Do You Dream Up / Client Launch meeting
Do You Dream Up / Client Consultation and Strategy
  • Pre-launch study and analysis of existing processes
  • Define objectives, target platforms and monitoring indicators
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Do You Dream Up Back office training
  • Training on interface features
  • Implement business concepts
  • Dedicated team
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Do You Dream Up Build a knowledge base

The knowledge base contains all the questions that the FAQ understands and the answers to those questions

  • Define the scope & writing and formatting
  • Themes and creating decision trees
  • Manage user rights
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Do You Dream Up / Client Mock-up design
  • Suggest 2 design palettes that match the client’s graphic charter
  • You approve an approach, and then our designers create a design for you to approve
Do You Dream Up / Client Technical integration
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Do You Dream Up Make the validation environment available
  • Platform installation
  • Verify that the validation and production platforms are working and compliant
  • Simulate requests in the validation environment
Client Validation approval
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Client Place online

Easy integration

The FAQ solution is available as a SaaS, which means it is very simple to configure. You only need to add one line of code to your website.

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