No user question
will go unanswered!

Our artificial intelligence chatbot automatically responds to web users 24/7.

With our technology, you can quickly and easily launch a chatbot with your brand on your website, your mobile apps and main messaging platforms: Facebook Messenger, Skype et Slack.

Chatbots are what we do best at Do You Dream Up. With more than 50 clients, our bots handled more than 40 million automated conversations in 2015.

Innovative and personalised customer support
  • Support
  • Advice
  • Sales

Improve the customer experience with a smart conversational tool that offers personalised support and closer customer relations.

Tips, reservations and after-sales service questions are all handled instantaneously and automatically.

make life easier for your employees
  • Helpdesk
  • HR

Chatbot becomes a company’s personal assistant. It answers HR, HelpDesk and informational questions, as well as daily current requests to increase productivity (ex. reserving a room, time off requests, password management, etc.)

proven technology

natural language

Answer 90% of user questions with a smart conversational chatbot in 9 languages


Automatic suggestions for improvement based on interactions between the bot and your users


Users can choose their favourite method of communication: web, mobile apps, or messaging

powerful technology

No technical resources are needed to administer the tool. An intuitive back office configures and manages the chatbot's knowledge


Control the bot's performance, conversations and customer satisfaction

plug & play web services

Simply connect the chatbot to your information system for an improved, personalised customer experience

icone satisfaction client livechat

Automatically processes natural language

Do You Dream Up’s Chatbot is a conversational agent (also known as a virtual assistant, virtual agent or automatic chat) that can answer many questions in almost ten languages, all while recognising spelling, syntax and grammar mistakes made by users.

Our natural language processor analyses the user’s question and context and uses a proprietary matching algorithm, knowledge base and information system to properly answer the question.

scan chatbot scan chatbot

The Chatbot is a true conversational tool. Conversation history is saved and the Chatbot can handle digressions, negative responses, synonyms, vague vocabulary, etc.

live chat or video chat can be opened in the same chat window if the question needs a human response.

Since the Chatbot is connected to your CRM, it not only provides personalised responses to customers but also enters the interactions into the CRM to improve customer knowledge.

Launch your chatbot
on messaging apps

Messaging apps are undergoing major changes.

With one billion users on Facebook Messenger, 300 million on Skype and Slack making waves in the business world, messaging apps are a conversational tool that have strong potential for companies.

Do You Dream Up implemented a connector to Microsoft BotFramework, which links your chatbot to the main messaging apps. Users no longer need to download your mobile app to contact you. Instead, they can converse with your bot on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Lync or Telegram.

With this technology, you can reach new users and handle most of their questions automatically.

chatbot mobile applications
chatbot tablet applications

monitor performance

Do You Dream Up’s chatbot solution has an intuitive back office where you can:

  • Manage knowledge base content through a validation workflow
  • Analyse customer questions, particularly those that are not answered
  • Benefit from the tool’s self-learning features: automatic suggestions for improvement based on interactions with users
  • Use statistics and alerts to control the efficiency of the tool and implement corrective actions
  • Measure the change in matching rate and user satisfaction

setting up a chatbot

six weeks process

Do You Dream Up / Client Launch meeting
Do You Dream Up / Client Consultation and Strategy
  • Pre-launch study and analysis of existing processes
  • Define objectives, target platforms and monitoring indicators
scenario livechat
Do You Dream Up Back office training
  • Training on interface features
  • Implement business concepts
  • Dedicated team
scenario livechat
Do You Dream Up Build a knowledge base

The knowledge base contains all the questions that the Chatbot understands and the answers to those questions

  • Define the scope & writing and formatting
  • Themes and creating decision trees
  • Manage user rights
  • Connect to client information system to generate personalised responses
scenario livechat
Do You Dream Up / Client Mock-up design
  • Suggest 2 design palettes that match the client’s graphic charter
  • You approve an approach, and then our designers create a design for you to approve
Do You Dream Up / Client Technical integration
scenario livechat
Do You Dream Up Make the validation environment available
  • Platform installation
  • Verify that the validation and production platforms are working and compliant
  • Simulate conversations in the validation environment
Client Validation approval
s 0
Client Place online

easy integration

The chatbot solution is available as a SaaS, which means it is very simple to configure. You only need to add one line of code to your website.

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